it’s ok just don’t make any sudden movements


it’s ok just don’t make any sudden movements

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think before you speak

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I always had a thing for hand animated camera move and turn around…
I can’t tell exactly why…
probably cause it gives me the feeling I can manage everything and show exactly what I have in my head.
that can seems stupid but it makes me feel like, sculpting the animation more than drawing it.

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i cannot wait until gender ceases to be a thing so i can stop fretting that i’m doing it wrong



Second year film was completed a few days ago. Here’s a documentation of the film while in production.

Tony’s film looks amazing!

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YES, there are people who find cultural appropriation and the use of slurs “ok” with them.

Does that mean it’s “ok” to do it to EVERYONE, even if they might be personally offended by it?


Also it is very important to realize that your irl friends saying this shit is ok may be out of a desire to not start drama and get into arguments. I fucking detest when straight people say faggot but I have a few straight friends who do and it is just not worth the shit to tell them to stop.

also white friends have called me nigga before as a ~*~*funny cool friendly friend joke*~*~ and i didnt even bother to tell them to stop because i have told white friends not to say it countless times before and they refused to or said they would stop and just kept saying it behind my back so i just thought “whats the point”

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Transformers Prime | Megatron

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Track: Tuff Ghost
Artist: The Unicorns
Album: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?


the unicorns - tuff ghost

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